What I have been up to in this week with not blogging

If you are a recent reader of this blog. You have noticed that I have not been updating it regularly.And here is the reasons for it.

It is winter and the school is off. So I had other plans. Because it is not good to waste time, to spend all the winter for being off from school. I have two class. One is Maths and other is Physics. I love the both subjects and they are both interesting to me. But I had some problems with Math in school. So I figured out that winter is a good time to correct my problems. with maths And I think I need physics more in the future, or even now. I don’t mean for school or academic years. Yes, I need them for school and academic years too but in daily life. It is the most essential things in daily life nowadays. Most of the things around us that we see is relating to physics.

And  around these things I am learning a new language. French. And god, it is interesting. And so much fun to learn. And it is easy. I am learning french online.

And in the past week there was a lot of snow in our front yard. So I had to clean all of that. And it is was too heavy. And I cleaned all of that front yard by myself. It took about 4 hours to clean only the front yard. And then it took three more hours to clean the back yard. And I was done by 5 pm.

The weather is so cold. That by the time I finish cleaning the frozen ground water and again when I come to the start part it is all again frozen. It is really hard. When mornings I go to my class some times I see people sliding over the frozen ground.

Like I said in Writing With Fountain Part II that I can’t feel my hand in some parts. It is exactly like that sometimes when I go to my class.

And I have been reading books in my Kindle fire. It is just amazing and great. Even in the bright sunlight!

And the other thing I have been reading is this blog : Penmachine.com and it is so much depressing and sad for me. It is worth reading and it is not waste of time. Specially this one.

The blogger is Derek K. Miller and he have been blogging since 1997. It means since I was born. Which now makes it 15 years old. But he stopped blogging in 4 May 2011. Because he died from a type of cancer.

And I got a new chair for my desk. And it is good and comfortable. Thanks for getting me a a good chair 🙂

That is all.


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