Solving an Issue with my readers……

I have heard some rumors here and there. That people think that I am copying and pasting my articles here in my blog. Or not writing the content my self. What is the need of that for me to do that ? I am paying for this blog , I could have done this for free in a free publishing platform.

I am using a lot of time here to publish great content as it seems to me. So please stop this thing. I am here to be clear with them. And it is offensive to me!

Yes I agree with them in some point. Most of the Quotes are from the other people that I see over the internet. And also some pictures. And I give credits to the author or the source. But the articles are my own.

Again if there is anything else please email me here :

One thought on “Solving an Issue with my readers……

  1. I don’t think anyone has such feelings about the content of your blog. Even if there are people who think like that I guess it is an indication of something totally different; that is that the content of your blog is of a high quality, much higher than the capacity of a 14-year-old high-schooler, and in that case it is a great thing, so nothing to worry about, or get furious about!

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