Technology vs. Humans

Technology is one of the things that is never going to stop development. It is going to improve day by day. From start of the human nation the simple technique of invention was started. And so was begin. World have had it’s great minds, and still have it’s great minds. Like technology have changed over the time. Human’s generations also changed over time. More powerful and smarter.

Last night I had a  good joke going on in the discussion. And at last it was true that I thought. I was comparing humans brain with other electronic gadgets. Like computers: Core I 7 and 10 hour battery. Here is a good joke of it : The new 5th generation of Humans, powerful, smarter, 10 hour work capacity, 8trillion TB space, maximum sound volume 10 x higher then last generation, 10 x zoom HD clear and more…..

But it is true, of-course not like this, but some how. Because now I am 14 years old I am blogging and I have a Laptop and many more gadgets like : Kindle Fire, Smartphone, IPOD, Camera and …………

But when you see people from the past they didn’t knew about TV until their Mid-Life.

How interesting….

And now they say there is a Smart-TV that have everything. Including : Browsing internet, Apps, Music, Games, Video Calling, Voice Calling, Chatting………

With having Smart-TV there is no need of laptops, Macs, Desktops……

You know making things simple.

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