Windows live writer is amazing

If you didn’t know which stuff I use for publishing my blog , I will tell you now. I use many things and applications to publish my blog content and also for maintaining it. Here is some for writing my content:

1 : Via Email

2:  Windows Live Writer (the best option)

3: Via Microsoft Word

4: Via Web (casual)

I have enabled all of these for better and easy blogging, and I am also searching for way that I can do it via text message via phone device. I am sure I can find it.

Recently I have been using windows live writer. Which is great and awesome. It gives you a lot more power for writing. Why is Windows Live Writer great than other ways?

Here is what Windows Live Writer will do : First you will give your blog address and your username and password. Then Windows Live Writer will download a copy of your blog theme. When writing you can see your own blog and you can write on it. It is pretty cool and amazing. It is very easy and it will work with any blogging platforms ( Typepad, Blogger, WordPress-SelfHosted,….)

I recommend it. Try it and it will be your best blogging platform. A good point about Windows Live Writer is that it will store all of your blog post in your computer hard-drive.

4 thoughts on “Windows live writer is amazing

  1. If you haven’t heard: Windows Live Writer may be disontinued soon. Scott Lovegrove has posted an online petition to “Save Windows Live Writer” []. If you love the program, please sign the petition and spread the word!

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