It is again Snowing

People was not expecting any more of snow and rain. It is so much surprising that it still snows. Basically the snow and raining was stopped a week ago. But it just started to snow again. People have not seen this much snow like in 10 years. I think in New Year (Naw Roz) there is still going to be snow. 

From one point I am sad  because when snow ends the sun shines too bright that it is going to be too warm so I don’t want that snow to be ended.  And in Kabul the most bad thing about sun shining is that all of the mud is going to be dry and it causes dust. 

I think snow is the best social entertainment in case of Afghanistan. Because the place I live there is no Parks or any other public entertainment place. So snow is the best opportunity for entertainment. It is so much fun because everybody try’s to create different kinds of snowman. This year because of too much snow everybody created snowmen in there homes and even in streets and bazaar. And this was the first year for me too see this much snow. 

But in one point it is also a big problem for most of the poor people which have already finished their heating materials (wood and coal). And it pains me when I see that. That is not the only problem because the big problem is avalanche. And there is too much in Central Parts and this year which was Badakhshan . The people that lives in Badakhshan are not enjoying snow because there home are built with mud and when avalanche happens it is going to destroy them and this year the cost was more than 100 people. 

So it is also sad and it is also enjoying. I am also really happy about Naw Ruz. And Haft Mewa (Seven Fruits). That is my favorite. 

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