We-Blog or Web-Log

When I started blogging back in July (2011) I didn’t noticed that the word Weblog can be pronounced in different kinds. There are many people that have been pioneer in blogging. Some of them had a blog just to keep links, and some them wrote short posts. Internet was not an invention , there was people that made it possible by working and working on it. It was developed by years and years. Like internet blogging was developed. Correct me If I am wrong.

Of all the things in Internet first of all I love my blog and after that I love coding and programming and then comes social networking stuff.
People have noticed that I don’t update my Facebook very often that is because I have blog. Blogging is older than Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and all. And of course it is interesting more than any social networking.

World is big place and everyday there is more to find for any human. And yet so much big is blogging world. There are many things to find out in this world.

I am inspired…..

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