NawRuz – New Day (New Year)

We are just two days away from Nawruz (New year) here . I am excited to see again those green hills and trees. To be honest with you there is not so much trees in Kabul City. It is too much dust. And I don’t like that ( well, who likes it?). Nawruz from the point that I see it is the best day of year. It is an international occasion now , because some 2 or 3 years it was announced  as an international holiday  and there is actually a page about it in Wikipedia. 

And the best thing that you can eat in Nawruz day is Haft-Mewa (Seven Fruits ) Here is a mouth watering photo of that :

Haft Mewa

Haft Mewa

It is made by 7 dried fruits and it takes 3 or 2 days to be made. And it tastes awesome. There is some people which disagree with Nawruz and they have their own reasons which I still don’t think there reasons are correct. It is just an awesome party day which is first day of a new year.

Nawruz is truly a fun day, I will recommend you too to celebrate it in any country that you live. It is just fun. It is so classic and it is so traditional.

I will write more about Nawruz in it’s day. So be updated.

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