How did I spent my Nawruz?

As I said Nawruz is just a fun day it not an ordinary fun day it is an awesome fun day. And guess what? We had a barbecue day. It is just fun to cook your own barbecue than buying it from a restaurant. It adds taste to your meal when you cook something yourself. Although I am not a professional cook but I know how to cook many things like : 

1 : Afghani Rice 

2 : Pasta (with it’s curry)

3: Egg

4: Potato chips

……and the list goes on. But I really do know how to cook them. It is easy when you follow something step with step. We ordered some chicken meat and beef meat to be ready for barbecue. And we had everything else just ready and done. 
At the first try we just burned all of the meat with our experiment testing. And after that experiment there was also some casualties. But then we managed to learn that. But I really enjoyed that. And I kind of like that too (when it tastes  like it is burned). I will put some of the photos in my flickr. And again you can’t beat that enjoyment of Nawruz day. 

I hope that you have spent the same too.

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