My taste for driving

If you didn’t knew it , I don’t like driving around Kabul or even Afghanistan. The main reasons are : 

1 : It is too much traffic and rush
2 : It is too much dust
3 : In some part of city there is not even a road print

There is also many other things too. I know both system of cars (Manual & Automatic) . They are easy. But when you are driving around Kabul it needs much more experience and much more to be careful about. Some 3 years ago I was driving car  in landscapes of Kabul city , Actually it was kind of training. It was hills and , hills but now there are many houses built. 
Still it is not convincing for me to drive cars in Kabul city and I feel myself inexperienced and I think it is very dangerous.

But when I want to drive , I want that perfect car for myself , and that is : Mini Cooper or Smart Car .
There is many reasons for the cars that I have selected for myself. Reasons are :
1 : They are small
2 : They are fast enough for driving in highways
3 : They are using less oil (than big cars)

These reasons are convincing for me.  

2 thoughts on “My taste for driving

    • By Afghanistan Driving Law all driver must be over 18 years old. But It is not surprising to see young people drive in Kabul streets. I do sometimes 🙂

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