High Habibia

As you know when a New Year  starts everything else also starts.So yes today was my third day of going to school. This year I am in 9th grade. And if you can see the title you can also guess which school I am going to. It is : Habibia High School.

A bit About Habibia : 

It is the first ever high school in whole Afghanistan. It is the largest school in whole Afghanistan. So you can see the big two points here. There is three buildings :
1 : The main and original building
2 : Left side building
3: Right side building

It is really big. The Main Building :
1 : 180 Classes +
2 : 12000 students

Left Side Building (only estimated by myself)
1 : 30 Classes
2 : 2000 students

Right Side Building (only estimated by myself)
This one is with the same above

What is it famous : 

1 :Many famous people that is in high government positions have been graduated from this school.
2 : The best teachers you can find in whole Afghanistan is teaching in this high school.
3 : Discipline is the priority in this school

There is many other reasons too , but this is what I think is important.

My role in this school : 

I consider my self one of the brightest stars. This school is where I belong. And I like it. It is the school that I have been waiting for.

There is good reviews and also bad reviews about Habibia. But bad reviews are wrong. Some classes are very un discipline because there is two sections :

1 : Intelligents & Smarts ( I am in one of these classes )
2 : Ordinary & Standard

Intelligents & Smarts :

The hallway is totally away from the main hallway. The stairs way is completely different and away. Classes are way clean and it is well organized. Students are polite.

Ordinary & Standard :

It is connected to the main hallway. The stairs way is dusty and unclean. Many classes are damaged it is not well organized. Some students are not polite.

I am studying in the main building and in the Intelligent’s & Smarts section. There is also three times of School :

1 : Early morning
2 : Mid- Day
3 : Afternoon (my time )

Which class :

If you ever wanted to come and see me please look for class  ۹ ج ۲

It also needs some searching but I am sure you will find it. Or just email me.
I will also put some of the photos in my flickr.

4 thoughts on “High Habibia

  1. I really liked this post. It is well-written with nice flow and very orgnized; not to mention the interesting info I got about Habibia, for the first time.

  2. Salam Esmat jon,

    By reading your article, it brought tears on my eyes, because I am one of the 100 thousands students of this great school, back about over 20 years ago, it just refreshed my memories, my class mates, my great teachers, yes you are right it is indeed the first and one of the best school ever Afghanistan has, you know, most of our country’s great pliticians, writers, poets, historians, and singers, such as Afghanistan’s legend Ahmad Zahir were graduated from this amazing school, I am proud of this school and very lucky that I was graduated from this school as well. I wish good luck for its current and future students.

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