Fly Slowly, I am not yet done with today

As you know these days I am extremely busy. The problem is that I can’t make time stop. It is just going and going on very fast. I wake up everyday at 6:00 clock. I get ready till 7:00 clock, then I go to my Physics or Chemistry class. For two and half hours that makes it 8:30 . And then I come back home to eat my breakfast ( Cereal or Egg ). That takes about 30 minutes. Which will make it 9:00. That seems too fast for me. It is just as flying. 
After all this, I am going up stairs to my room. I will open my computer. I have a good desk and a chair by the way. And do some email checking to reply to my emails for about 30 minutes. That will be 9:30. Here comes the big flying :
I remember my assignments from yesterdays’s school class. Then I am just sitting there to finish my assignments. That will take about 2:30 hours which will make it 12:00 clock. When I just check my watch it is just shocking. Then very quickly I go downstairs to eat my lunch. That will take 30 minutes again. That will make it 12:30. My school starts at 2:00 clock. I make my school schedule that will take 5 minutes. 12:35. Then I will find a socks to wear then I will wash my face to have a fresh look. That is totally going to be 1:00 clock.
Then I start walking to school. It is about 1.2 kilometers. It is normally going to take about 30 minutes to walk normally. But I want to start talking with my friends faster.
My time in school fly faster. So it is soon going to be : 5:30 and then that is just end of my day. Now you can see that it is like a flying. For me it is. 
And then I just say this to Mr. Time : Please fly slowly, I am not yet done with today.  

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