A Few Minutes Just From That Scene

It was the first period that we heard gun fires. It was about 10 minutes of walk to the attack scene. After half-hour 3 armed soldiers were on top of our school building covering corner areas for security precautions. And after 1 hour there was almost 10 soldiers on top of our school building. And there was 8 police cars in front of our school main doors. We knew that something was wrong with outside. Suddenly panic was on the hallways talking about extreme attack on Afghanistan’s Parliament. Now there was no secret. And some another moments we were on the ground floor and from that point we went on a secret way to outside. I don’t know why but when we were in class we were not allowed to answer our phones. After I was outside of school when I checked my cell-phone I had 25 missed calls. But were not allowed to answer it. I was kind of in a panic situation. Every one was in that situation. But some one found me a few minutes later. Cars were not allowed to park any where near that attack scene. I was running quickly to reach the other point of street to get in the car. Finally I made it. But clearly I was hearing gun fires. And I got home very soon.

The Attacks were in three Provinces :
1 : Kabul
2 : Jalalabad
3 : Logar

Please be careful and stay inside. No one can tell you when it is going to happen , it is just going to happen. 

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