Ipad can be productive

I didn’t knew this but Ipad can keep a sim-card inside it. Which then a group of people that have Ipad will have everything synced between them. Like Calendars, Notes , Contacts and etc….
This thing can be very useful for people having many Meetings in a day, Daily Flights ( As far as I think)
Apple really knows how to keep customers for a long time. They will make a product that you need and that product can’t be found in any other brand and they give the very high price for that, but you have to buy it because you don’t have any other option. 

Apple  might not have the biggest factory but they know how to do the business. The real Business. 
There is no other brand that can be compared to Apple’s any product. Like consider : Iphone And HTC. Iphone is awesome and amazing but HTC can’t be in Iphone’s league.  

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