Commitment to the team

Their are certain moments in a one’s life. One of them might be standing in a very hard cross way , that you must chose something from all of them. This is just an example :

You have been in a company for many years,  lets say 10 years. And they have treated you good. You are also satisfied with your monthly paycheck. But then there is another company which makes you a great offer in paycheck. That is when your in a tough situation. Or let’s say a cross way. What will you choose?
Here comes the point of commitment. That makes it tougher. Money can’t buy anything, am I right? If you have the feel of commitment you will stay with your old company. Which have always treated you fair and good.

The point is , I have seen many people do this. And even they don’t say a goodbye to the old company. They just disappear. That is cruel.

One thought on “Commitment to the team

  1. You are wise perhaps beyond your years. This behavior is part of the reason the world economies are collapsing. The employers who have not shown loyalty to their employees is another problem.

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