Story of this domain

You might sometimes think when did I found the idea of getting this domain. Well it is a very short story, so I will tell you now how I got the idea of this domain.

One day when I was surfing the web (just as usual) I walk passed by word Blogging. It was quite interesting for me. It was a new word for me too. I then googled the word which then I found the Wikipedia page for “Blog”. I read all about it. I was searching for a platform like this to share my thoughts. Finally I read some blogs and…..

Then I said why I don’t start blogging? I said : I will give it a try. I then came up with this question what will be the name of my blog? I was tired of searching names. Some which were available was not matching my thoughts. I said the points to myself :

  • The name should be something young
  • The name should show my goal (Ambitions)
  • The name should show blogs point
  • The name should match with my character or my personality

I was almost going to fall to sleeping, suddenly back then my mind stopped by the name ” Akidwithgreatambition “. I thrilled. I said : This is perfect. It shows that it is a kid with great ambitions.
So I got the name when I was almost in sleeping. There is not so much story with domains like this. Other domains were simply picked.

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