When it is not natural

Everything natural is good for health. Western societies are mostly modern and that also affects the vegetables in those locations of the world. How it affects ?

Everything becomes too modern and mechanic. Let’s consider old and new vegetables. Old farmers were working very hard on their vegetables for their quality not for selling them. Now it is the reverse : It is selling,not quality. Nowadays almost everything is like that. From Electronics to the most natural thing. 
People in Afghanistan are lucky that they eat the most organic vegetable. But they don’t give the vegetables that much attention, I have experienced this in many places. Like there is a party or ceremony of whatever , most of the people eat all of their meats on their plates, but their salad is left almost untouched. We live in 21st century. People have experienced this most of the times Worldwide. Eating too much meat is too bad for humans. Our bodies are not like that to function. 

But again it is the people that make the decisions themselves.

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