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Some would say that the cool thing about internet is games and some would say that cool thing about internet is chatting with friends over the internet, but I say it is the links that make the whole web of internet. And I think it is the coolest thing about internet. Without alphabetical links you have to type numbers to reach to a website which is called IP address. Going to Google is easy as typing Google.com but if it was not the links then you must have typed numbers (IP) instead  like this : . And it would probably take you a while to memorize the Ip address of say 3 websites. But the link instead makes it easy for you. And in fact everything online have Ip address. When you are connected to internet you will be given an Ip address from your ISP (Internet Service provider).

And in most importantly when you are blogging you will deal with links most of the time. And sometimes too much links will also be hard to memorize and to keep it in mind. So for that thing there is Blogroll in every blog. I almost forgot about it. But once I came to my sidebar and I saw it missing there. So I started putting some interesting link ( which is still growing). You can see it in the right side. I have encountered many bloggers through my blogging days. And they are very interesting to me.

There is probably like 40 or 50 links but here are the interesting ones :

1 : Slashdot – News for Geeks
2 : 3QuarksDaily – Interesting
3 : Seth Godin – Read advice on different stuff
4 : Penmachine – Blogging Legend
5 : Steven Berlin Johnson – Author Blog
6 : Techcrunch – Tech news
7 : مثل آب مثل اتش – I like reading it everyday
8 : رهانه – Interesting Talks 

Now that there is some links for you to read on go and enjoy reading them. And when you are “Out of links” go to the sidebar list of links.

2 thoughts on “Out of links

    • Yep, you can use a website’s IP address to reach to that website instead of it’s alphabetical link. Have you checked the links that I have put it in my blogroll?

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