There must have been a time for this

This is by far the longest in time that I haven’t updated my blog. But I think that there should be other priorities in each life’s than just doing fun activities. It is that way for me. So yes, I have the exams the midterm exams. I have 14 subjects. Last year I had 25 subjects. That should do it! Really I think it was too much. To be honest it was pain.

People do stuff for a a reason. I mean the smart people. People search, study, invent things…And for each thing there is a reason or a simple talk or a long debate. I think in most Europe countries or US or UK or Australia or any other civilized country there is a reason for their education system. Why school students only have 6 or 7 subjects? From my point of thought, I think the reason is that people can focus on only few subjects rather than many subjects. If you have 6 subjects you can focus only on those subjects and your main thoughts are not scattered. If you have 20 subjects then your thoughts are scattered and you can’t focus correctly. It have been like this for many years. It simply started in base of Afghanistan’s education system.
I think if you put it in a funny way it can be like this :
There is two people starting the first education system in Afghanistan, one of them say 10 subjects and on say 15 subjects , they both argue and they both fight over it. Until when a wise (stupid) person comes and says what is the problem : One of them says that there should be 10 subjects but the other says : You are forgetting few of the very important subjects ( not really). So the wise one (stupid one) says : You all forget most of the other subjects there should be 20 subjects ! That should do it.

Really, Why people don’t think over this? It is a lot of pressure over any kind of student. It is like a burden. In anytime or on any kind of student : both the smart and the lazy.
Anyways….I will let this pass on my time of education!

So this was the reason for not the update of blog and podcasting. I hope the lines above explains everything. But other then that progress. There have been progress over my podcast website : There have been 745 downloads totally. That is an amazing success for my podcasting.
The other great news is that you can find my podcast on Itunes Store. But for free. You can search for it under the name : Akidwithgreatambition Podcast . Or you can search for Esmat Zeerak.
That is the great news isn’t it. Apple only accepts podcast that have views and that a lot of downloads such as the Ricky Gervais Show. But that is the really great news. Believe me if you have Itunes, it will be great to listen to my podcast from itunes. You will know the features your self.
I was kind of away from Dari literature for a long time. For a really long time. I hate it when that kind of thing happens, when you don’t have the feeling to write or read something you like. But just recently I begin to come back to Dari literature. I like the poems, stories and how people make poems. I started writing poetry about 5 years ago. When on one day I was setting and drawing with markers and I wrote some sentences of interesting thing about animals. I showed it to ______ and he said that it is great you should start writing poetry. I then started writing short lines of stuff ( Saped) . I then picked a nice notebook with a good binding. And almost everyday I wrote stuff there. And I even dedicated some of them for people. It was really fun. I still have it around. But I intend to keep that old notebook content private for a times to come.
But recently I met a great poet : Mr. Mohammad Sharif Saiidi. He is a great poet. He have published 11 books. He started poetry when he was younger than me. I even got an autograph for him. I was really excited when I saw him. I was more encouraged to poetry and Dari literature when I met him and talked with him for a while.
I will put some photos here and in the flickr. So this was all for the recent updates. Damn it ” There must have been a time for this “

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