I don’t know that , but I bet you what : I will find it for you

I am not going to pat my self on the back but I am going to be honest on this blog for a second (a laugh). The one thing about myself that I really like is finding the answers or just trying to find it. I am not going to let it go away. It is the thing that made me think. That made me started thinking. When you have the most accurate resources around you. Why don’t you use it. I think this is the expression that everyone uses but I am going to say : Life is short , real short. Don’t waste your time knowing nothing. Learn, explore . It is a wonderful world around you. It is a beautiful world around you. There is always more to find out for everyone. Even if you are in the worse place in the world (as I am) don’t give up learning things. 
This year I had the personal challenge of learning things more. I have come to an age that I think that I need more knowledge. I really need to learn more things. Some times when I see people I ask them questions and if they don’t know most of them. I think to myself I learn so much. But when I see other people finding wondrous things then I am just starting to learn more. I have kept a very personal journal now about 9 months at a typepad blog of mine ( don’t worry it is highly encrypted and secure). And when I learned things around I just posted a simple notice there. And then I explain how I started to learn things.
The first time I went to Wikipedia was back in 2007 and the first pages that I ever visited was this one. The Nazis or “The Third Reich”. I read from the top to the bottom. It was the start of my curiousness. And that was a good start. It was because I just found the place where the great minds of the world would contribute knowledge almost everyday at every page in there. It was Wikipedia. The great encyclopedia online and the most complete encyclopedia ever. Of-course there have been rumors that Wikipedia is not trust worthy of world knowledge. But I say they don’t know the worth of the great knowledge encyclopedia. 
But that kind of my curiousness changed a lot. Back then it was only a one page open in my browser. Then I learned to hold the CTRL (control key) and open multiple page at once. And that helped me a lot. And when I opened a page about the Battle in the Stalin-guard I opened more links , because there is a hell lot of links in each Wikipedia page. And at the end of my search for that answer. I would see about 50 tabs open at my web-browser. 
If the people know me reading this they get the answer why I am so much informative about almost anything. People always say that how are you so informative about anything. I say I google it. That is not hard. Everyone can do that. A few people can do it correctly! And even they find that information they can’t hold it for a lot of time in their mind. But a few people can do it correctly.
Today I was talking about something and I asked a question : Can you walk all the ” The great wall of china” in one day. There was no answer for my question , but I got a question from a person that how much is the height of ” The great wall of china” . I said : ” I don’t Know, But I bet you what : I will find it for you “

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