Alternative to the way we make energy

The amount of CO2 produced every year is 10000 ton World-wide.

There should be an alternative to the way that we make energy. An alternative like the use of nuclear power plants. That can produce a lot of energy but too less waste ( that can be used again). But the thing is that it is too much risky and very expensive.  This can turn the decision of many poor countries to the nuclear power plant as an alternative down. And that is bad. But again the countries that can afford that much money to pay for making nuclear power plans must start to do so. No I am not saying that there should be construction of nuclear power plants right away. There should be an international committee like : UN, Unicef, Unesco…That can make decisions to build nuclear power plants with the standards only for producing electricity energy.It can be risky like the recent incident in Japan.But it can be more risky if we don’t see the future of earth if we move like this. But there can be a way that all the scientists work together to build some thing that is not that much risky, and that can produce hell lot of energy. The benefits that this alternative have is:

1 : Produce of a lot of energy

2 : A little waste (that can be used again)

So this can be one of the alternative that is called one of the renewable energy.

The cons are :

1 : Bit of risky

2 : Too much expensive

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