List for the humanity

73 years ago from today (1939) World War II was about to start. Jews in poland had no place to stay , they were forced to leave their homes and go to the Ghettos (Homes like prison). Nazi was in the hold of the power. Concentration camps were in construction. Jews had nothing, no homes, no money, no food, no cloths for winter, no bushiness. All of the bushiness that Jews owned were taken from them and given to German citizens. Oscar Schindler a German citizen and a member of Nazi party, thought of a business opportunity (and a very profitable one). He went to the Ghettos and searched for a person named Itzhak Stern. He heard he was a very successful investor. And he asked him for many business opportunities. And he said he can run the business if he wants. Stern accepted the opportunity and thought of something that can help his other Jew friends. Schindler and Stern both set out a factory of Enamelware and made work available for 1,100 people . Workers recruitment was easy, but Stern discussed something with Schindler, Stern said to Schindler : The polish people will cost money to recruit , the Polish-Jews cost nothing to recruit (they are prisoners!). Schindler accepted that offer and soon they began to recruit and invite Jewish prisoners from all over the Ghettos. And soon all of the available were filled. When recruiting Stern started finding his own relatives and friends. Most of his friends were teachers and scholars. That made no point to German-Nazi soldiers. They wanted real work-force. They wanted people with enough experience and power to work in factories. People that were invited to work in Schindler’s Enamelware were first checked by German-Nazi soldiers. And when Soldiers asked : What was your work before war? They answered : History&Philosophy teacher. Then soldiers sent them to the trains that was sent to Auschwitz and they were only prisoners waiting to be killed in one of the concentration rooms. But soon they realized  that and made papers with bribe certifying themselves as citizen workers.
The Schindler’s Enamelware was usually making pots and pans that later was changed to making bomb and pistol shells which was not successful. Situation of war was getting worse each day. Uprisings began in Ghettos and allied forces were coming forward to Germany. Soon after that, orders from the headquarters at Berlin,Germany came that people should have identity cards. Factory workers were terrified as usual but they also had planned a standard identity cards. One day Stern forgot his identity card for the factory and German-Nazi soldiers arrested him and they put him on the train going to the one of the concentration camps. Schindler heard of the news soon and reached to the train station platform when it was almost departing. And found Stern there. One thing about Schindler was that he tried very hardly to save each of his workers. And he almost did. I mean about 99% of the workers. Soon no German-Nazi soldier could even touch a Schindler worker. Because Schindler was part of the Nazi party and a very powerful man. And if any soldier ever tried to harm a Schindler worker , he was going to go to jail or in the front line of Stalingrad. Which none of the German-Nazi soldiers wanted. War begin to come at worse each day. Daily News was at last getting good to Jews people in Ghettos.
But to Germans it was a always bad news. More trains were leaving for Auschwitz and bad news or rumors were coming from there. Bodies that were buried down in the ground were taken back to the ground and then burned down. German-Nazi soldiers were becoming weak at their own heart and mental health. They were tired of burning down humans alive. That they were friends with before war. They didn’t had mental power to continue killing Human beings.
Winter came , many people were starving from hunger, many were frozen to death. German-Nazi soldiers could not see any potential energy in old Jews. So most of the Schindler’s workers were sent to the trains that were leaving to the Auschwitz and soon they were going to be killed using carbon monoxide on one of the concentration rooms. And then their bodies were burned on one of the baking buildings!
As soon as the Schindler heard the news about his workers. He traveled all the way to the concentration camps and found his workers. And he got them back to the other factory where they started to make bomb and pistol shells. German-Nazi soldiers were not satisfied with factories. They needed more military ammunition. So they (German-Nazi Soldiers) forced Schindler to make any kind of military ammunition. Schindler thought and made the choice of making bomb and pistol shells. Because that was the easiest way of any kind of military contribution. But Schindler workers never made a successful bomb and pistol shell. So they bought bomb and pistol shell from the open market and sold them as their own products.
It was the year 1946 and Germany was not so much far from losing the war. Germany lost the Stalingrad war and Soviet army moved forward toward the poland. An order came from headquarters in Berlin,Germany that said something like this : All of Jews in Ghettos and around must be executed immediately!
Schindler heard the news and went to the personal villa of the German officer. And he bribed him 1000 Reichmarks for every workers he had to save them from killing. He made the famous now list of 1,100 Jew workers that worked in his factory. And he moved them to the other part of poland. And by 1947 Germany was the end of the line. Schindler was a Nazi member and if he was found around by Soviet soldiers he would be executed immediately. And on one of the night on that year Schindler gathered round his workers for the last farewell before he flee away from poland. He made the speech and the end he looked at the gathered German-Nazi Soldiers and said: Do you really want to kill all these Jews or you want to return to your homes like real man? German-Nazi Soldiers were tired of killing and started moving out of the room.
By 11’o clock at night Schindler was ready to leave but he was going to say the last farewell to his workers and actually his workers made him a ring that famous religious proverb was written : “Save one, Save all humanity”
Schindler started to cry out slowly and he regretted why he didn’t saved more of his workers. And at the end he said the last goodbye and flee out of poland.

That is called the Humanity work. People will never stop fighting. War in Earth will never be over that is for sure. No I am not being weak about my will. I would be happy to see the to be over , but that is not going to happen we all know that. It can be hard to face with the honest truth but that is the truth and we have to face that fact. World War I and World War II were all war of stupidity over control of land, over control of power. But now lets see what was left of the war. Why current world leaders don’t learn of that fact and stop this war. And live for a moment in peace. To calculate the total time that world had peace is only going to be about 251 years ! I am tired of war. To be personal for a bit : I am mentally sick of it!
I wrote this post to let you know about a history which world will never forget it. And at last I have a last word : ” May Peace Prevail on Earth”

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