People want the quality and price

When people go to the market place they want products that are high-quality but low in price and they want it that way. The company that provides that kind of quality and price will always win the competition against even the earliest company in that business. One of the examples can be Dell computers. You see most of the Dell products in almost every office. I see it that way. You don’t see HP or Apple that much around. Because Dell provides it that way that I said before.

I think it this way : When you start a business, your first target must be to get customers , lower your price than any other company but the same quality. You might lose your money for some time , you will not get any profit for some time that is for sure. But as soon as you get customers your business is going to shine. Customers is the life and death of a business company. So don’t lose it by making them un happy.

When you make say 500 customers happy they will tell other people they know to come to your shop as well. That how you will grow your business. Having a website is necessary for every business. And the use of it effectively. People do business now via internet now. They order food via internet, they check their account via internet , they rent a car via internet , they book a hotel room via internet, they make communication via internet. And like that they do everything else.

If you want to stay ahead of other companies. Use technology effectively and quickly. It should be one of your main weapons for gaining customers. Advertise effectively on TV, Internet, Streets, Billboards….and every other place. But show your best at your advertising. There is millions of other people that does advertising nobody have that much time to watch or see every advertising. So you have to try to make the best advertising. Personally I don’t like most of the advertisements around TV channels. I hope this helps people that seek to  grow their business.

P.S : A very happy EID to all of you people. 

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