World of Craziness

It is like I am standing before the whole World, and I am seeing everything that is so obvious that is happening. It is crazy. I don’t know where this is going. Global Warming, The movie (all the protests) , Elections, Terrorism, Artificial Irrigation, World leading corporations…and so on.
None of this is leading a good world. According to one of the Cambridge’s scientists : Antarctic is going to completely melt down by at least 4 years. You should have seen me that day that when I first read the news. Kept me thinking. And after a while I thought : Where is this going? What is going to happen if all that ice is melted? Is there going to be crisis? Where is the first place to be hit by storms?

The movie that all the protests are about, is even more worse because it is making World more crazy about the whole Muslim people. I don’t know where this is going too!

And meanwhile all this happening I read some of the great works by : Friedrich Nietzsche, Aristotle, Plato. And some great Farsi poems : Mohammad Sharif Saiidi, M.Kazim Kazimi, Qanbar Ali Tabesh, Ahmad Shamilo, Sohrab Spehri.
I enjoyed all that. But I still don’t know what is going to happen in this “World of Craziness”.

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