When I was a young man, or a young kid I used to search our home library from time to time and I would find nothing to interest me. They were all printed in small fonts and they didn’t had a single photo or drawing or painting from the start till the end of the book. (I guess you know how much I was young). Although there were some “young readers” books but they were the same with the other books because most of them were also out of photos and drawings. I couldn’t interest myself to one of those books how much hard I tried. Over and over again. And after some time, the books were not worth any thing to me. I am just being honest for a while here. And the people that read those books in-front of me were the boring people that I considered too. But after a while I had a ranking thing. The people that read less of those boring books were also considered much less boring and was hoping to be fun. The reason is here : Because I thought a good truth in my mind : When people read stuff from books , they read it because they want to learn something from it. And when they read boring books , they will turn boring too. I am just kidding.
But as I grew in the passage of time, I tend to read some of those simple young readers books. And then I learned many good things from them. But still the huge books were considered to be the boring ones. But guess what? Now I am reading those huge books! And most of them are philosophy! Don’t freak out! Because in the following sentences you will the reasons:
These days people say : Aren’t you too young to understand these things? or What are you doing with that book? , I am reading it. And they are right but with some people because If you don’t know this by now but I really am a 21 century genius I have the IQ of 98%. Kidding. But really I am considered to be an intelligent human being. And one day when I got started with a person about these philosophy talks, I talked about many people from Socrates to Marx and Nietzche and many other people and I told about their life and what they did and what made them think about life and world. And specially how they got famous with their ideas. And what were their ideas. And he said : Aren’t you too young to read these stuff? And my answer was : It is not the question of age , It is whether I get something from these “stuff” or no, that is the main thing. And hew was thinking for quite some time after my answer. I am really into Morality and Philosophy. Don’t get me wrong here because they are way different from Politics. Politics is still in my boring section. 
People really have to change the way think. Because we are left from this great race of philosophy. I know almost about every philosophers of the western world. But when I thought about Afghanistan’s philosophers I couldn’t find any one from the past or present that would be great thinker of Afghanistan. That is a shame!


Oh no I am not scared of the 2014 situation…right I am not scared of that. And by the way who told you that I was scared of that year. No I am just thinking out loud here. The situation is obviously going to get much worse. And there is going to be another fight. Oh yes. No I am not one of those persons that is going to be happy about it. No I am not happy about  That is out of question. Why should I be happy for that. 

But seriously my thoughts are negative about the situation of that year. I am one of those persons that one of my motto is ” Be positive”. But you got to think seriously about it? Right?

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