Remember the future…Always

There is many different tales for remembering your future for what you do in the present in many different cultures. But that is not mainly important. The important thing is to get the main point of those tales. I bet they all have main point. And I am sure many of you reading this have heard one or two of those when your were in kindergarten or basic grades of school. And if you had a good mentor (teacher) you would have understood the main point of that too.
And as a courtesy of me , I am going to tell you just a famous one of those tales that is always in my mind. because it is really important to see your future by what your doing in the present. And here the tale begins :


 The lazy Mouse & The Industrious Mouse

There was once a Lazy mouse without an idea in his mind. He enjoyed the summertime, playing and dancing while he noticed his busy cousin collecting acorns.

‘Silly cousin, you toil so hard when you could be enjoying the summer’. said the Lazy mouse.

‘But my cousin, you will be cold and hungry in the winter’, replied the concerned Industrious mouse.

‘Winter?’, laughed the Lazy mouse. ‘That’s months away you fool. I’ll have plenty of time for that’.

English: Arthur Rackham's illustration in Aeso...

So as time passed the Industrious mouse collected more and more provisions. As the first chill of winter appeared he retreated to his well stocked house, and relaxed in front of a cozy fire thinking pleasant thoughts.

A few weeks passed and a there was a slow knock at the door.

There before him stood the pathetic sight of a shivering, miserably looking Lazy mouse. ‘Please let me in, I’m cold and starving’, begged the Lazy mouse.

The Industrious mouse thought a while, and decided to invite his lazy cousin inside to warm up and share his food, despite the mocking he had received in the summertime.

–The End–

Moral : See your future before you do something stupid.

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