A complicated World

The mankind have created many things that once we (mankind) thought that it would make our lives easy but instead it made it very hard and complicated and now we (mankind) find it very hard to stop. It is a mess hard to fix and sometimes very scary when you look at it’s future. We are running out of time. And still some of us humans don’t know that what is the problems that we can face in the future let’s say another 200 years or maybe less. We have created many things in the thought of making our lives easy and some of them did. Very much so. But the others in the long term is very harmful and damaging to ourselves and our planet. The mess is so complicated to fix but still it is good to have a little faith , and never stop the “changing” word in our minds. It is like a boy that have messed up with his kite’s cord and he can’t even find a lead. That is exactly how much we have messed up with the climate of our planet. 
Still it is a very “Complicated World”.

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