Freedom for Information

Freedom is for all humanity. That is the saying. And that is the truth. According to human rights every resident of this world should have rights as any other resident. Some of the basic rights are :


  • To study
  • To vote
  • To  share his/ her own thoughts and ideas
  • To marry with his/her own choice
  • To have a residential place
  • and so on…..

This set as an standard that every governments should follow. And you can’t restrict any freedom that is given by human rights. Because that is  kind of a global rule for all humanity and everyone should follow. Wether he is white or black or from any parts of this world.

Digital freedom is one of the issues that world is dealing with it today. Although internet made humans more connected and information flow have been more than humans could ever expected, still we have restrictions with information. There are millions of other world information about everything else that is restricted to most people of this world. Secret libraries, Secret museums, Secret world changing informations, Secret Issues, and so on….

My belief is this : There is reason to everything that happens.

And all these informations are…..
People should start the voice for “Freedom for Information”

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