A long journey of Sci-Fi

Just a heads up : I am a big Science-Fiction fan. I continually watch and read Sci-Fi stuff. It is what is kind of my type to watch or read stuff for pleasure. Sort of a habit. And it has been a very long way. I remember about 6 or 7 years ago that I had this taste for Sci-Fi stuff, more than anything else. When I got home from school I would turn on the TV and watch hours of Sci-Fi cartoons. Some of which is also now available and on air : Ben 10, Kids Next Door……
Years later now (a grown up kid) my taste for Sci-Fi have grown up as myself. When I was young it was cartoon & comic. Now it is Movies & Books. But still I love comic books. And damn it to hell that it is not in anywhere in Kabul.
Most of the amazing Sci-Fi movies : I Robot, The Matrix (Trilogy), Star Trek, Men in Black (Trilogy), In Time.
And books : Ready Player One, Dune, Time Traveller.

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