So you made it to 2013

So congratulations looks like you made it to the new year. I know you are happy and so am I. I am happy because we passed the dangerous 21st of december. And I am happy that I am a grade higher in my school. And something else……(which I do not plan to share now).
If you are a regular reader of this blog you have noticed less activity in these few weeks. And that was because of reasons. One and a priority is that which I am getting ready for my next year to make it easy for myself. And few other things that will keep me occupied for the winter. So that makes it slow. But that is okay. Because it is not stopped it is slow.
Last year was different than any year I experienced ever in my life. It was truly high and low.
You will find me more active at my Instagram & my twitter: @esmatzeerak
And at last thank you for reading this blog. I hope you have a good year ahead

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