History will teach us over again and again

I think whenever a leader faces something challenging he should collect the most important lessons that he have learned in his life, and a experienced one will do that. I know this because recently I have read a lot of ancient Roman history (mostly on Wikipedia). And now as I see the situation, we face something very challenging. The recent situation on the Durrand line issue. I also think it is a chess play thing. You have to make the right move. You have to sacrifice something to gain something. As it is in Chess, which I am also good at playing at. Unfortunately the people I think are not remembering the worse time the war give us. And we still don’t learn from what decades and decades of history has thought us before about the war. Is it still not enough? I think some people are not quite getting it right? Stupid?
And I see a dark future ahead if we make a move like this which is to start a new war with our neighbour country. I see the start of it in our school. Teachers talk about it in an aggressive way!

My Allah Almighty shine wisdom on these people!

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