The world is more open and connected – No way to escape it

I am sure that you have heard the recent PRISM policy that US government is pursing. It is nothing new. It was started few years back in 2006. But nobody knew it until a few weeks ago when Edward Snowden shared it with the rest of the world. 
Sure internet helps us to share and learn but what about privacy. Well according to the PRISM issue it changes everything about privacy. It really opens everything, maybe only to the US government. But still that is a lot. Now US government can read every email from every service whenever they want. This is outrageous! Really? 
Now it is okay that they are looking to make security better by looking into sensitive issues relating to the terrorists. But this looking on everyone whenever they want is really nerve-racking and outrageous.
And there is no way to escape this stupid policy. It is for every Internet companies. Every single one. But some have said that they will only give data on request per person. Like Facebook.
And you can’t quit your life on the internet. It is your primary choice of communication and etc.
I hate you PRISM. I wish I could crush you to pieces. I hate you! To simply put it : PRISM is data collecting thing. 

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