Afghan Premier League

Afghan Premier League or APL for short, it is the first professional Afghan football league created by Moby Group (Creator of amazing programs such as  The Voice of Afghanistan“…) and by Afghanistan Football Federation. Amazing enough that in 2012 it  was the most significant , largest event ever organised in Afghanistan. Bringing people from every tip of the country with different languages,genders and ethnicity. It is played in the form of eight regional tournaments, with four to six teams from different provinces. Here down you can see the teams : Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 8.14.25 PM

Things like this bring people together, forgetting about their differences. It is very important in country that has been in war for more than 3 decades. This year’s program will be May-October. You can watch it in Tolo TV.  So now please share the news with your friends.

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