The Voice of Afghanistan

The international entertainment program “The Voice” arrived 31st May this year in Afghanistan. Known as The Voice of Afghanistan and presented to you by Tolo TV. I think it is really different from any other program in the same category. It is different because it is entertaining from every point of view. And it has all this qualities for a TV program and of it’s own category.
Originally “The Voice” is a multinational singing competition such as “The Voice of Holland”. Moby group bought the rights for production and broadcasting the program here in Afghanistan. Which is good because only the Tolo Tv and Kaboora production can be capable of doing such things in a quality that is required.
Personally I have a lot to do (you know the “Stuff”) and don’t watch it regularly but sometimes I watch it on their Youtube channel. It is definitely a show to watch if you have time. Unlike the other shows in it’s own category this show has three different stages for the contestants , the show is really innovative to do this.

  • A blind audition
  • A battle phase
  • The live performance
It is really challenging for the contestants. But that is for that good because to show and produce the real talent and hundreds only the few will remain. These kinds of programs help the country to remain strong and colourful.

2 thoughts on “The Voice of Afghanistan

  1. I love it too! The US version of course! Can’t believe Afghanistan is going places!

    Good luck!

    -A Pakistani Boy

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