Supporting the people that let you know about your government

What Edward Snowden did, was not wrong! I don’t care about CIA and NSA’s policy. But people need to know what happens to their information. It is the right type of information that people need to know. What a corrupt world we live in huh?

It is not something small, it is a matter of your privacy. And right now US government is collecting your information with it’s PRISM policy. What happened to the privacy? And I am shocked why most people even don’t know about this, while they are also online.
I know some people don’t get this but let me tell you : Your online security and privacy is as important as your real world security and privacy. So start taking it really seriously.
I call this TRTI (The right type of information, I know I made it up) and people should have access to that. And their privacy issue counts toward that.
What Wikileaks founder Julian Assange did was not wrong too, maybe on some level. But before releasing the most of the information to the public, Julian Assange contacted CIA about advice. But CIA did not thing. But I am happy to know that people get to know their real government. Whether it is corrupt or honest towards it’s people. 

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