You talk of times of peace for all, and then you prepare for war

You probably have heard about the recent  Taliban negotiations with the Afghan government. It is really different on the other side. What I mean by the other side is attacks that happen almost everyday in Afghanistan. From the Afghan capital Kabul to every other province in the country. From my point of view Taliban plays a really different game. They have a different mind. I don’t know the word for that. But it is like :

You talk of times of peace for all, and then you prepare for war.

While they are talking of times of peace for all and the benefit of everyone they also plan attacks and kills a lot of innocent people. It is really different. Almost everyone is thinking about the 2014 situations. It is worth thinking about. 2014 will let the world know if the Afghan government is ready to take the fight in their own hands. I would like to imagine this another way. Three kids are playing in the street. The first kid is Afghanistan. The second kid is US. And the third is Taliban and Al-Qaeda. The Third kid fights with the first kid him and beats him badly but the second kid helps the first kid  by giving him weapons. The third kid doesn’t like this. So the third kid strikes the second kid on their home. Then the second kid which is US takes the matter really seriously and sends other kids to help the first kid which is Afghanistan. And that is when the things get really messy.

One thought on “You talk of times of peace for all, and then you prepare for war

  1. It is very much the same over here in America, Esmat. The people who lead always talk about peace, and yet they cry and shriek when there is talk of cutting funding for the military and instead putting it towards education, feeding the hungry, or housing for the homeless. People will claim that tyranny has been stamped out in modern times, but I would claim that it only feels that way because the yoke has been padded.

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