Don’t compare me to others

Since I know that some people doesn’t have  a brain to not compare me to the others I am going to write this post and let them know for once and for all.
You are nothing to me. Yes you. I remember that once you tried really hard to make me look bad in front of some people by comparing me to some one which is an “idiot”. And I kept really quite because I wanted to listen to what you were saying. But now this is my response :
Look it is really simple : I am what I am, and I am going to be what I choose to be.  And already I have knowledge more than you will ever have. I don’t want to show off. The people are already trying to appreciate me for what I am. I have been for more than 3 times on television. Aside for that  I am working on stuff that you are dreaming, because you don’t have the taste and the brain to do that in real life. I know that this might be a little embarrassing  for you but look it is the truth. The honest truth : You are never going to be like me and nor that “idiot”.

Look at this as a chance for yourself and please get a life. And for the last time don’t compare me to others.
The person knows who he is because I have already sent an email to him about this post.

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