The best alternative to Microsoft Office

Everyone knows what is Microsoft Office. It has worked perfectly since now. Still it works okay. But it lacks some features that the people really need. Not the editing features. The sharing and easing features. Also Microsoft Office takes a lot of space on your computer. So how about a thing that you can access from everywhere and share your work with the people that you want? Accessible wherever you are that needs only an internet connection.

Now we have these smartphones and tablets that are just computers with small screens. But the potential is very high. So you start a document on your laptop then you leave home and you are on the train but you want to continue to work on that document but how? You only have your tablet with you, and that is all you need. Because iWork for iCloud will automatically update all of your documents on the cloud. And you can open that document updated and right where you left off in your laptop and continue to work on that in your tablet via a browser. This only works if you have an iDevice and a Mac computer. But Google Drive does the same and that works with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac.
And all of this is for free! And the good thing is that you can download your documents and you can open it with Microsoft Office too. It exactly works like iWork if you have it installed in your Mac. But it doesn’t take space on your computer and you can share it easily and continue on your work from anywhere. And it is all updated at the same time automatically on all your registered devices with your Apple ID.
iWork for iCloud is currently in beta and only few people have access to that and the people who got invited to the beta party or they signed up earlier for beta access like me. Here are a few screenshots :
Pages in iCloud
Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 7.20.25 PM

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