College, It should be about learning and remembering that

If you don’t remember what you have learned then that is really stupid. A waste of time perhaps and your money. That is why you go to college right? And you stay up late all night studying all of those papers and write many other assignments. But how much of those will you remember? So you studied for about 4 years in a university. Then you graduate. Then you get a satisfying job. And then you get the money. Then you get to start a family. And then maybe finally you are the happiest person. But remember those college days. How much of the time did you spend on reading your books, and how much time did you spend on writing those “hard” assignments and how much of the time you were so stressed? A lot right? So how much of those studies do you remember? You have been out of college for about 5 years now. And how many of those papers do you remember that you wrote them. A  few only. But you wrote more than that. So can you right a new paper about something that you learned in college? Probably no. Because you forgot that. You have to search “how to right a paper” on the internet.
You will only remember your ongoing job that you have right now. Nothing much more than that. You remember nothing detailed about what you learned in college. So what is University and college supposed to teach you? If anyone have that answer please tell me. Is it supposed to inspire you? Or motivate you? Watching a few movies could do that than being in college for 4 years. Or does it want you to create something new? But how? You don’t remember anything from your studies in college! If it is about being creative then it is the opposite what college teaches you. You don’t learn creativity. It is already inside you. We are all creative in many different ways. You just need to start. Even if college was going to make you creative. Then why is it so expensive and for so long?
I am just curious. And I have talked about this to many people. And they have finally gave up and said : You win. So what is the point?
I think college is just part of a system. More like : If you want to work in a office you have to pass the college and university. I can’t find another use for it. You only need your certificates for work. But how much of it do you remember and learned? Which is a very low number.  But you don’t really go to college and university just to get an office job. You want to learn. And you learn at the moment. What happens after you get out of the college? It  is all in the air and you don’t remember most of it.
I mean now we are all stuck with this system. Because there is no other way to get a job. And if you don’t have a job then you don’t get any money. And then you basically don’t have a life. So for now we are stuck with this. I wish the education system was better than this. And you can’t tell that it is the fault of a single country. It is a global issue.
If you want to change the education system. You have change it globally. Because it is all connected. It is all connected!
Still I need someone to explain: Why people go to college? Because we don’t remember almost anything that we learn during the time at the university and college. It should be something other than the stuff I explained above. My email is : and

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