Apple knows the design!

Design is mostly about simplicity. Sometimes the good design is the less design. Apple is the only company that I see that does that really good. One of the reasons that people buy Apple products is the good design that Apple offers. And most of it is the simplicity. The clean white and black look of the products. And the materials that it is made of. Of course almost all of the Apple products are made from Aluminium. And that is because of the many good things about it. It is light and it is durable. And the way that it is made is very precise. You can only expect something very precise only from Apple nowadays. It is made with care you would expect from a watchmaker not an electronic manufacturing company. All of this makes Apple products a beauty. When you see something from Apple your heart will change and you will begin to feel something really different because you had never seen anything like that before from some other company. It is that irresistible feeling that you get about something that you like.
But really how can Apple only do this? And that is because Apple hires only the best designers. Photography and Designing have that same feeling for the person. When you do photography you see the world from your eyes. And when you do designing you see the things from your eyes. Art and designing is linked. But when you design something it is not something if you like it is about if someone else also likes and enjoys that thing. And you look into many different perspectives at least in electronics like : Simple, Ergonomics , Ease, Not cluttered, Beautiful….
And if you use any Apple products you will find all of those perspectives above. For example the iPhone 5 : It is simply beautiful and it is so simple. And it feels awesome in your hands so it is ergonomic. And it is not cluttered you only have a single home button and that is all you need. Unlike the Galaxy phones in which you are struggling every time to see which button to use!

Apple iPhone 5

And not only iPhone. But look at the desktop publishing market. Can you compare anything to the current iMac? Can you find me another good notebook like the Macbook Pro? Like the Steve Jobs once said : It is beautiful in the inside and out, and it works like magic! Apple takes every aspect in designing something new. For example you see the Macbook Pro. The design is all good. But it is also really the state of the art piece of technology. It has all the new processors,  Gigabytes of Ram, SSDs….

Apple iMac

And I don’t see any other company that does something like Apple. Both beautiful and amazingly technical. I see only companies like Dell that gets really technical but when you look at the design it is nothing compared to any of the Apple products. Can’t even compare!
But I don’t see why some people resist Apple. Because of the prices? Well that is because it is worth that much. And again no problem. If you have price issues. Then get something that isn’t a good design but cheaper. And really who doesn’t like the good design?! Be honest : Compare the Galaxy with the iPhone. And don’t look at the prices. And tell me now which one is good.
Finally Apple knows the good design.

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