Response to the reader about Don’t compare me to others post

I am a thoughtful person. Seriously. I don’t make posts on this blog until I decide on it. Before I publish a post on this blog I keep the post as a draft saved.  Currently I have about 7 drafts waiting to be published and maybe not to be published. Ever. I really like the feedback that I get from the people about my blog. I thrive on it. I like positive criticism. I get better by that. All that said. A specific reader who shall remain nameless for now told me not to post such things on my blog. So what is wrong about something that I wrote in response to someone?

I told the specific reader : Can you elaborate this?
The reader said : It puts bad image on your professional life. You should not mention such things on your blog. It shows that you were affected so much that it got you angry. And you should have been moderate on the issue.

In response to the specific reader I said : Look I was moderate. Of course I got a bit angry because when someone compares you badly to someone else you get angry. You don’t like it. It is not a positive feedback that you get. I don’t like to be compared at all. Even positively! It is okay if you say : You are so good at drawing that you can draw my face like a real picture. That is also a comparison. But that is okay. And really what happened to the freedom of speech? It is about : You can share your own views about something/someone the way that you like it. And really what is this blog for? It is for sharing my own opinions about something or someone.

The main purpose of my post was just a response to the person that compared me badly to someone that is not even comparable to anyone. A simple response to not compare me anymore.

I hope this explains everything about the post. I meant no harm! And no harm was done!

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