Happiness is a choice – Not as advertised

Now you see many companies that advertise there products and says : Buy this and this will make you happy…
Short answer : If you choose to be happy you will be happy even if you don’t buy the product. Of course everyone’s life is different. Some research says : …”Spending money on someone makes you feel good”..
But look at the olden times. What made people happy before any of these gadget companies? Their family, art , walking, trips , meeting new people, dreams….
But now we live in a different world. You still can be happy. If you choose to be. Besides all of the wrongdoing happening in the world there is still that harmony left in some people. Start with something simple like : Visit an Art museum .Sit in a corner and look at a painting and make an story out of it.

The truth is to make each day count. To think if you only had this one day to live.

Life is too short for everything. We are all unique. Some do this and some do that. No one can experience all of it. Make your life unique. And listen to the good feedback that you get. Don’t clutter your life with ever little “annoying thing”. Move on. Simple move on. Go do what you planned to do.

There is 7 days in a week ( Am I wrong?). And how many days do you work? Five days? You have two days to do something amazing or enjoying. Plan something during the week. And cancel anything annoying. Even those annoying parties that you don’t want to go but have to. You get to decide what makes you happy. People will never stop talking.

Stop checking email in the morning. It is a waste of your fresh mind. Go and take a walk or go cook a breakfast. Work can wait. Work will never end. Your family is limited. So spend time with them as you can.

Balance everything. Too much of something will become boring. Take a variety of chances. For a change go for a trip to a near valley and take pictures. And if someone call you for a meeting cancel that! Remember this : Make each second count!At last something I would like to remember forever :

 Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

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