The time will come for the change

Don’t expect everything so soon. But soon.

Few things can’t hide for too long : Sun, Moon and the truth.

There is also an old proverb :

You can’t hide the sun with two fingers

Now you see all of these wrongdoings that happen in our world. Out of the humanity! Things harsh to the eyes! Things that ruin lives of many peoples! By who? By the people that rule you. What gives them the right to do so? They are humans just as you are. It is the blackness in their heart. It is the darkness that they are in. Being innocent takes courage. The courage to be innocent. And for all of you people who are the victims of these wars , you are innocent. And you have the courage to be. It takes someone the courage to be good even if they were a victim of something bad. Don’t worry the truth will come out someday. Have the patience. Have the patience to fight the evil. The time for the change will come.
I write this post for the people of Syria. I am with you. Stay strong. Stay good. Fight the evil. And truth will come out and you will see the change.

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