Space age has just started and it does not end anytime soon

We all know the different ages in the world’s humanity history. Like : Middle age, Stone age, Golden Age…(not in order). We have a lot going on in the world right now. Look around yourself what is around you : a computer or a tablet and a phone?

Or course. Can you live without them? No. You will just exist physically. For almost all of your communications you depend on them. You get most of your information from those electronic thingamajigs (some research shows that people on average learn more from the internet than college! win!).

Besides all of these gadgets. We have made many more technological advancements in a very short time. Mostly since 1995. We have just started a new age. The space age. Well if you count the Galileo theories then it has started a long time ago. Really long time ago. But I am saying the current age. Right now. Not even the moon landing. Although I have respect for that. And I count that the very milestone for humans. But I am saying about the Mars. NASA has done pretty well on the Mars surface. We (humans) have more information about Mars than ever before. NASA have two rovers on the Mars surface! Currently rooming around. Kidding.
But we humans have learned that once there was rivers on the Mars surface but currently it is all ice deep in the Mars planet or water underground. But that is not all. NASA have sent robots to learn about the Saturn rings. Isn’t that cool? That is very cool. But there will come a time when NASA will be able to send humans. But before that we need to learn about the planet itself. NASA knew about the Moon enough to send humans there. It was not a death game. So it might take some time or more. Sorry but it is the truth.

Again we already live in space age. We have more than thousands of Satellites around our planet streaming vast amounts of data that makes living easy and everything else. One of them is Internet. And you probably use it everyday. 2.7 Billion people use it! And we have seen the impacts of that in our lives. We have! Think about it.

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