Mixing your career like the alphabet

Now I know that I am not a professional expert on career advice or (I don’t know) but I have a advice for those who thinks there career is really a big boring job. I know what people are saying on the outside when someone asks : Are you happy with your job? And they say : Yeah, couldn’t be better. I am really doing this job because of my passion. But is it that really the case?
And sometimes you have to do that to motivate yourself somehow but not all of the time. Because that would be a lie to yourself. You see I have seen few people that have jobs because of their passion. The others do it because they have to. It is not really what their heart wants to do. And they think they are stuck with it. Not if they hear this :

You see we have alphabet. A limited set of alphabet for the language that we know. We use those letters in millions of ways to form a sentence or a phrase or a new word. Millions of ways. And basically it is unlimited on how we use it. Think of it how many words do we have? A lot. Have you seen the dictionary? Well that explains it.

Now think of your career as the alphabet. You have a limited set of letters that you can use to make a word (job). Or use the current ones. And you see we tend to improve words. Make them less cluttered and short to say. Make your current job easier and less cluttered by following the rules of the industry. Which is another discussion but I will tell you a few of those :

  • Be on time
  • Do your work on time
  • Use smart choices
  • Be fast
  • Have a really simple schedule for the day. (You can use that schedule for the whole week if you planned it that way)
  • Skip the unnecessary things like : Facebook , Spam
  • Don’t get attached to things

These are only some of those tips that can make your work less cluttered. But the way you follow it might be hard. And it comes with sacrifices. And you should make sacrifices today to live a better tomorrow. That means no more : Parties, Movies……

That doesn’t mean you can’t have a great weekend. If you plan it. You can have a great weekend as well as your job!

Now use your letters carefully. Because changing words (jobs) is not easy and efficient and probably damaging to your career.

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