First Day of Paiwand

An event like never before. The event was planned exceptionally amazing. Everything was in place. Exceeded my expectations.

In my previous post (Live From Paiwand) I told you all that I will bring updates live. But the talks were so interesting that I forgot that I should do that. Although there were updates from Paiwand’s twitter account : @Paiwand_Eng .
There was also a livestream the whole event on the web. Also the 1TV did a great job streaming part of the event.

I met some with some great people. Also I did give a presentation in “Advanced Blogging” session. To be honest many of them were really amazed and surprised that a young boy like me could do all of this.

I heard some great talks. Really great talks and stories like : How the Government is using the social media for the people or How social media have impact on the society and personal stories of impacts on the society and changes.

In one short sentence : It was great. Exceptionally great!

I want to thank the IMPASSION team for organising an event like this.

I did take some photos. But I will showcase them later here in this blog and my Flickr.

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