The Second Day of Paiwand

Yeah so Paiwand’s second day or last day was yesterday (23 Sep). So here is the updates on that. A very less-detailed update (I wish I could have taken notes!). I really recommend you check out the Paiwand’s twitter account (they have detailed updates from start till the end!). But I know you want the updates from my words, so here it is.

The event started by a great speech/talk by Siddiq Siddiqi (the spokesperson for Ministry of Interior Affairs). Before this I didn’t knew that Taliban was so tech-savvy! They have many twitter accounts. And when they are tired fighting with the people on the battle ground they continue their battles in twitter. Such a shame as well because they mostly tweet the information that is fake. Too much fake!

And the event continued after the Siddiq Siddiqi’s talk. Many other people came to talk. Including a great panel with many high profile journalists. Including the famous Mujib Mashal and Pajhvak news agency editor. I was really surprised that Pajhvok new agency had different websites for different regions in Afghanistan. Which is really a big job to do. Also the Wadia Samadi from came to speak about her website and her journey that how she made the “Afghanistan’s first business news portal” site.

One of the reasons people liked the summit was because everything was designed so well. I mean planned so well. Everything was in place and the summit was moving according to the agenda. Also the livestream was a big hit.

The lunch was great and delicious. And after lunch there was another panel discussion including : Amrullah Saleh and Fawzia Koofi.

It went really well. And the discussion was really great.Also Amrullah Saleh gave a few real example of social media impact on society. Which by the way made everyone laugh because it was funny but true.

In the end everyone got a really colourful certificate. Which was nice. And all of the participants (including me) had a group picture taken by many talented photographers.

All in all it was really nice to go to an event where all the :…….Bloggers, Geeks , Photographers….come toghether to have an awesome time and build something new…

I really appreciate the efforts that IMPASSION team did. And all of the volunteers (including me) which helped the program to go well. Now 364 days until next Paiwand. Waiting for it! Totally excited.

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