Fighting with the opposite

History is always complicated. Not all of it. And that makes it interesting to read and argue about. We humans become more interesting and interesting day by day.

It all started with those cold days and nights during Ice Age. When humans had to fight with wild. Had to survive the worst and good. When no animal was tamed. When living meant “cave”. It seemed an eternal fight between the wild and the humans. But humans showed that what they were capable of.
Humans turned most of the animals tamed and used them. Learned to grow their own foods. Got out of caves and built their own shelters. Times passed and the fight with the wild was over.

Now you live in a modern age. Where everything is digital. You don’t need to hunt for food. You don’t to grow your own food other people does that. Simply you live in an “information age”.

Now humans fight with each other! It is the opposite now. Simply because of “…..different ideologies..”

Turn on the TV. And you will be reminded of all the problems we have on earth. Look how many wars are going on. We face Global Warming, Terrorists, Economy crisis, Education, Cancer……..and the list goes on.

So why do we fight with each other while we can work together and solve these problems ?


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