Facts about me you should know

Doesn’t feel nice to be more unique? Of course everyone in this planet is totally unique. But a little more unique things about each person seems to be more nice. Here is some facts about me that will probably blow your mind (or not!) :

  • I am left-handed. That means that I write with my left hand. I don’t do this to show off. This means that I am part of that unique smart crowd of people. A few people who wrote with their left hand :
    – Barack Obama (44th United States President)
    – David Cameron (United Kingdom Prime Minister)
    – Commodus (Roman Empire Emperor)
    – Tony Abbott ( Australia Prime Minister)
    – Hugh Jackman ( Hollywood Actor)
    – Lady Gaga ( Pop Singer)
    – Leonardo da Vinci ( Artist and Inventor )
    – Vincent Van Gogh (Artist and Painter )
    – Bill Gates ( Microsoft CEO and Inventor )
    – Is that enough? or should I keep going?
  • English is not my native language! (although I speak like it is almost my native language).
  • I learned English by myself! I didn’t learned English by going to courses. I learned by reading short story books and conversation and the big impact was cartoons!
  • I am an Artist! Do you follow me on Instagram? Well you should! Because I post my drawings. And I get a lot of likes so I think I have artistic hands and people seems to like that. This is just a hobby.
  • I know HTML & CSS! And I am sure most of you will wonder what is that? HTML & CSS is the base for every website. It is part of the web fundamentals. You basically use your knowledge of HTML & CSS to create websites. And I have to mention that I learned it myself. All by myself over a short period of time.
  • I am a Francophile! I admire everything about France. France was the home to many great people over the course of history. I wish to visit it some time. A little while ago a relative was there and he would call me for the next place to visit! I know almost every landmark in France!
  • I am Pro Photographer! You really should visit my Flickr page.

That is all for now. Probably now you are excited to meet me, right?

One thought on “Facts about me you should know

  1. ahaha…I loved this piece.
    Except I cant believe Tony Abbott is left handed. He is weird and strange like he is right handed:)

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