Question things wisely – People will question you

One of the reasons Socrates was killed was because he questioned many things that wasn’t supposed to be questioned. Let me correct that : Things were supposed to be questioned but in the right way.
You don’t just say : Why God exists? That is a bit harsh. And the thing about these type of questions are that there will be people against it. You should start nicely and with reasons. You should say : World exists but how do we know if someone created it? Still many people will get in your way. But you could at least give it a try. Philosophy is the root to everything. There is always an explanation for something that exists. That is called philosophy.

Even things that are just theories have an explanation. I mean the theories that doesn’t exist right now but you think of it. If you want to prove a point then your goal should be to prove it. How can you do it?

Can you just say : This is right. No. Because that is not the right way to prove something. If you want to prove something then you should think of the person that you are trying to prove the point. For a minute think from his way. Think : What can I do to prove this point for him? There is no right or wrong in philosophy. Seriously. It is just a matter of how good it is or how bad it is. Because if you think something is right then you only think that is right but someone else thinks that is wrong and only he thinks that is wrong. So what is my point, finally ?
The history makes everything clear. Harsh is not going to work out for you if you want to question things. So “Question things wisely”.

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