Obama took a selfie

I never imagined this in any way, but there was a lot of things that I never imagined but happened before the world’s eyes.
Obama just toke a selfie with two other world’s leaders David Cameron and Thorning-Schmidt (Danish Prime Minister) at the Nelson Mandela’s memorial where they were all just guests.
What is interesting to me is that an official person such as him might be so cool. I know that Obama is “cool” but you know usually teenagers of my age takes selfies , not that I have a problem with any of this but it just seems strange at the moment. Trust me in the coming years we will get used to this kind of stuff. Maybe someday you know they will have personal Instagram feeds full of selfies of themselves. Just a theory. A possible theory. Here is the photo in all it’s glory :

Obama is taking a selfie and someone does not participate (and like). Who might that be? (Hint : First lady)

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